03 - 04 MARCH 2022

1. Organization

Manavgat Side Junior MJ 2022 is organized by Velo Alanya under the regulations of UCI and Turkish Cycling Federation. The races will be held 03 - 04 March 2022

  • Race Director : Mr. Mustafa Kemal Canfedai
  • GSM & Whatsapp : +90 532 336 56 46
  • E-mail :
  • Adress : Justiniano Deluxe Resort Hotel (Alara Turizm Region, Okurcalar Town Alanya / Antalya)
  • Web :

2. Participation
According to the article 2.1.005  of the UCI regulations, the races are opened to the following teams: national, regional and clubs teams and mixed teams.

The number of participants by team is a maximum of 6 riders with a minimum of 4 at the start of the stage.

Any team with less than 4 riders will not be allowed to start. A maximum of 176 riders are allowed to leave. ''Only standard bikes allowed to use during ITT stage (Stage Nr.1)'' The starting order for the ITT will be set based on the aggrement of the organisation and commissaires panel. Interval will be 1 minute between every riders.

3. Sport directors
The sport directors can follow the race in the planned line (a single vehicle by team) and on the determined position.

The sports directors are obliged to attend the meeting which will take place in a conference saloon of Justiniano Deluxe Resort Hotel of Alanya on wednesday, March 02nd.

4. Permanence

Team representatives are requested to confirm their starters and collect the race numbers at the Hotel Justiniano conference hall (address: Alara Turizm Region, Okurcalar Town Alanya / Antalya) on 02.03.2022 at 15:00 –17:00.

The team managers’ meeting, organized in accordance with the article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel, is scheduled for 02.03.2022 at 17:15 in Hotel Justiniano Deluxe Resort Alanya conference hall (Alara Turizm Region, Okurcalar Town Alanya / Antalya)

5. Start numbers
Every rider has the obligation to fasten the 2 start numbers and the frame plate delivered by the organization. During the ITT stage using the one body number is allowed.

If a rider damages or loses its start number(s) or the frame plate, he has to go to the permanence to replace what is damaged or lost.

6. Radio-tour
Race information will be broadcast throughout in the stage. The frequency is for commissaire; Rx:154.42500 / Tx:154.92500 and for teams; Rx:154.40000 / Tx:154.40000 Bant: vhf.
Handout of radio transmitters to team managers will take place after technical meeting. Transmitters must be returned immediately after the race.

7. Neutral assistance
The neutral technical support will be provided by NEUTRAL SERVICE and managed by using 3 cars with standard equipment.

8. Provisions

In accordance article 2.03.027, feeding are applied in accordance with UCI regulations. 

9. Arrival time

The time limit for the Manavgat Side Junior is % 8.

During the time trial session, the maximum deadline is of 5 minutes compared with the best realized time.

The deadline can be increased in case of exceptional circumstances by the College of the Commissaires, after consulting the Police and the organizer.

10. Incedents of race during the last 3 kilometers

In case of fall, flat or mechanical incident, duty noticed, after the passage of the panel indicating '' Arrival 3 km '' , one or several rider(s) is (are) credited with the time of one or several rider(s) together with whom he was at the time of the accident. 

If following a fall after the passage of panel '' Arrival 3 km '', a rider is unable to cross the finish line, he will time of one or several rider(s) together with who he was at the time of the accident. This rule is applicable only for the second stage held on 04th of March.

11. Timekeeping
All recorded times will be rounded down to the nearest second. Live results will be live in

12. Ranking

The following rankings are established:

  1. Individual general classification is established by the addition of times recorded in the stages. In case of equality art. 2.6.015 will be applied. Riders will be separated by fractions of second recorded in Individual Time Trial stage, then (in case of draw) - by the addition of places obtained in the stages.
  2. General Classification: addition of the times of every rider after stages. If it still equality, the ranking are established by the place of their best rider in the individual general classification.
  3. Stage by points are applied in accordance with UCI Regulations 2.6.017.

13.Prize List

The prize list in accordance with UCI Regulations for class 2.1 race – Europe 2 scale.
The details will be announced on technical meeting. Prize money will be mailed directly from the organizer after receiving the official results of anti-doping testing. Please take note that all prizes are subject Turkish fiscal law. That means we will apply a 24% tax on every prize. Also we will collect 2% for a local cycling development foundation which name is BADES.

14. Anti-Doping Test
The UCI anti-doping regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Moreover and in conforrmity with the law of Turkey, the Turkish anti-doping legislation is applicable in addition to the UCI anti-doping regulations. The anti-doping tests will take place at Manavgat. A notice will be displayed close to the race finish and at the control station entrance.

15. Protocol
The following riders have to come and stand on the arrival podium in a maximum time of 15 minutes after their arrival ;

After the each stage

  • The first 3 riders of the stage,
  • The leader of the general classification by time;
  • The leaders of other classifications ( except classification by teams);


  • After the last stage
  • The first 3 riders of the stage;
  • The winners of the other classifications
  • The three first riders of the general classification by time;
  • All riders wearing a leader's jersey. 

16. Leader's Jerseys

Leader will wear orange jersey.

17. Penalties
The UCI Scale penalties is the only one which is applicable during this race.

18. Race program, route maps & profiles, race itinerary

Detailed race program, itinerary, plans & profiles, as well as operational details like: accommodation, meals, meetings, payment of prize money, transfers to the start an from finish to the hotels you may found on: The Commissaires' Panel will be announced during technical meeting.

19. Race Security Rules

The race will be held under limited traffic conditions. The traffic will be stopped on intersections in order to enable smooth crossing of leading riders and the peloton. In case of riders dropped behind more than 10 minutes to the peloton, they may find themselves in open traffic and the competitors in question will be withdrawn from the race. All riders, technical cars and race personnel moving outside the race column are obliged to follow the Turkish Highway Code. All support vehicles must follow the instructions of the commissaries and the police. At the finish area support cars must follow the instructions of the organizing personnel and park on designated points. In case of accident, the vehicle must stop, warning lights must be turned on, both police and emergency services should be informed and first aid started. The race will be accompanied by police vehicles, motorbikes with at least blue lights on including. When these vehicles approach, race participants must take special precautions according to the traffic regulations as they may drop into open traffic conditions. Health provisions linked to COVID-19, must be respected. We must take care to comply the social distance rule and wear a mask.  

20. Final Provisions
a) All participants should be adequately insured.

b) Money prizes are subject to taxation in accordance with the current tax.
c) All participants are required to read the rules of the competition.

d) The matters not included in this specific regulations, Organizer decides in accordance with the UCI Regulations.

21. Cycling and the Environment
The organizer wishes to remind all parties involved in the race to be sensitive to environmental concerns. As the race route will pass through forested areas, the environmental impact of the race must be minimized. Please be reminded that causing damage to the flora and fauna is strictly prohibited.

22. Hospital Address :

Manavgat Government Hospital  

Çağlayan, Şelale Cd.üzeri, 07600 Manavgat / Antalya   36° 47' 44.7396'' and 31° 26' 22.7328''. 

Side Anatolian Hospital

55 Side Bulvarı Yalı Mahallesi, 07330 Antalya  36° 78´ 80.5100" and 31° 39´ 33.5000".